Praise for Alice Henderson's novel Voracious:

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Christopher Golden, author of The Myth Hunters, the Shadow Saga series, and Wildwood Road, and winner of the Bram Stoker award:

"With Voracious, Alice Henderson has created a gripping, atavistic supernatural thriller, a sexy, sensuous, and terrifying dark fantasy. It's breathtaking and merciless, and I can't wait to see what she does for an encore."

Simon Clark, author of The Night of the Triffids, Vampyrrhic, Nailed By The Heart and many other novels, winner of the British Fantasy Award for Best Novel and Best Short Story:

"A terrific debut. Alice Henderson has the talent to evoke nature as an extraordinarily potent force that is nothing short of breath-taking."

"Alice Henderson's vivid evocation of wilderness places is superb in this page-turning story. A writer to watch."

William D. Gagliani, author of Wolf's Trap and Shadowplays:

"Voracious is a polished and well-focused novel of raw animal terror. It pits a gutsy, outdoors-loving protagonist against an alluring, shapeshifting demon out of time who lusts not only for her flesh, but also for her extraordinary talent. Alice Henderson deftly crafts her own convincing mythology while telling a compelling, page-turning adventure that makes Glacier National Park itself into a character. Offering crisp action and tingly eroticism, Voracious also boasts an environmental subtext blended with astute philosophical explorations of the predator-prey symbiosis. Henderson's first novel is both accomplished and a shining promise of more to come. A winner!"

Richard Dansky, author of the Vampire clan novel Lasombra, over forty-five White Wolf role playing game books, and the central Tom Clancy writer at Redstorm, a division of Ubi-Soft:

"You will tear through this book the way Alice Henderson's monstrous creature tears through its prey. A combination of awe-inspiring setting and deeply personal terror, Voracious is irresistible."

J. A. Konrath, author of the Jack Daniels Mystery series, including Whiskey Sour, Bloody Mary and Rusty Nail:

"Voracious heralds the arrival of a major new talent in the dark fiction field. Henderson brings tremendous tension, suspense, and atmosphere with this modern twist on the shape-shifter tale. This is one cool book."


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