Mayday, an official Ghost Whisperer novel, is complete and off to the publisher, HarperCollins Canada!

Melinda Gordon looked forward to a romantic vacation in the Adirondacks with her husband Jim. But the ghost of a woman Katie approaches her, begging her to go to the nearest ranger station. There Melinda learns that  a pilot has gone down in the park, and that searchers are giving up on the rescue mission after more than a week of no luck. Melinda becomes the bridge between the living and the dead in a desperate rush to find the pilot and resolve how Katie died.

Set in mid-season two of the show.

Sexual Departure is complete and off to the publisher!

New York City homicide detective Nathaniel Fulbright is puzzled when a series of mummified bodies turn up, hidden under the floorboards in several upscale apartments.

His investigation leads him to mysterious artist Sophia Greenwood, who hides a deep secret. Even as she draws him onto dangerous ground, he perseveres, knowing that she may be the only key to catching the killer. But the closer Nathaniel gets to the murderer, the more he risks his own life in a suddenly strange world where supernatural creatures prowl, and he finds that his quarry is far from human.

Sexual Departure is a novel set in the world created by NFL player Phillip Buchanon.